Spiritual Coach


Individual Inner Peace and Spiritual Coaching is an opportunity to start the Road to Happiness aware through Spiritual Awakening. It is a deep relationship of trust and committed support based on compassion, unconditional love and joy.

It is always highly individualized, but usually starts with cleansing or detoxification sessions of the conflicting idea of separation. Normally there are many obstacles we do not see until they are no longer blind. These are fears, past frustrations, jealousies, doubts, fear of scarcity, fear of others, conflicts of power, superiority or inferiority complexes, guilt, resentment. As we become aware of these self-imposed obstacles created so it just cannot be seen, a hopeful feeling to live in genuine peace and happiness is given to us in return.

After a release work starts the real work that will make a difference in long-term. You start to become aware of the thought patterns that repeatedly you create and want to release forever: conflict. So we programmed for a different experience, which is Love, or Essence, or what we call God, which gives us the benchmark for what we really want.

Finally, comes the most important learning, which is to keep the energy of the Fullness.

Through Individual Inner Peace and Spiritual Coaching you can achieve:

*Liberation from emotional pain. *Awareness and detachment from self-destructive patterns of thought. *Raising Inner vibration. *Assume the power and responsibility for all that happens. *Healing energies of hate, jealousy, envy, resentment, guilt, doubt and complex. *Releasing the past and the future. *Live fully in the Now. *Loosen dependencies or addictions that come from the feeling of incompleteness. *Reunion with your Guides. *Discover your true Self and awaken the Inner Master. *Become aware of your Oneness with All That Is. *Recognition of its mission and unique talent. *Fullness in relationships. *Healing of Physical Illnesses. *Material and spiritual abundance. *Esteem and recognition of your true essence.

8 sessions of about 1 hour in a month, two sessions per week (IN PERSON)

We also offer ON LINE Sessions, as a program that takes 8 sessions via phone, Skype, chat and email.

Such sessions allow shortening distances which do not exist in the universe. A type of follow-up assignments, readings and permanent guide is done.

Spiritual Coaching for Couples

Relationships can become wonderful opportunities for joint healing and thus produce experiences of fullness, love, wealth and happiness. In fact that is its sole purpose. But unfortunately at present this is not so; very few couples who are experiencing this.