Rebirthing / Breathwork is a gentle but profound healing and personal growth technique. Utilizing the power of the breath, you access old memories, conditioning, and impressions, resolving and integrating them while channeling positive energy towards a new way of living. Rebirthing can help you rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit, open your heart to more love in your relationships, and make important changes in your life. Ideal during times of transition, you learn about your “birth type”, how it affects the way you make decisions, and free yourself to choose more deeply what nurtures your soul.

Rebirthing is just conscious breathing. Within ourselves lies a marvelous power which conveys a special energy that we call “the Breath of Life”. It is a nourishing and healing energy.

Some benefits……

Physical Level: It relaxes, revitalizes and regenerates.

Emotional Level: It improves self-confidence and relationships with others; releasing emotional burdens, increasing the joy of living.

Mental Level: Awareness of conditions and rescheduling unconscious beliefs. It increases the capacity of observation, concentration and perception; It Improves creativity and intuition. It helps provide clarity to direct our lives and projects

Spiritual Level: It connects us with the breath of life, spirit, and we are filled with peace, love and unity.

Energetic Level: A progressive perception and awareness of our subtle energy system is received, as well as the interrelationship between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. We learn how to harmonize and balance such system.

Rebirthing Technique is worked in a ten-sessions Cycle, of approximately 2 hours each. The person individually and personally works his or her Natal Script with the rebirther, releasing any memory having impact in his or her present. Everything is treated through breathing, forgiveness and creative thought.