Professional Translator


M. Nekane de Leniz has great experience in the field of Translation and Simultaneous Interpretation which dates from 1977, when she graduated in Venezuela; having been able to travel around the world in those matters.

Her expertise covers various fields within the Oil Industry. Likewise, for many years was involved with Energy Industry, Marketing and Advertising, Economics, Mining-Metallurgic Industry, Aviation, among many others.

She also worked for the American Embassy in Caracas, Venezuela where offered her services as a Translator for the Political Attaché and mainly to Ambassador George Landau, as well as his Protocol Assistant. Job also included to work for the visit of Kissinger’s Commission for Central American Affairs; Visit of Mr. Schultz, Secretary of State. Translation of confidential political documents addressed to the Venezuelan Government. Translation-writing- editing reports regarding national events published in domestic newspapers.

During the last two decades, Nekane has dedicated herself to translate and interpret Teachers from the Self Development Groups. She has also translated the series of books named “Maximizate” written by Bob Mandel. Likewise, she has translated many other documents of same literature, as well as the book “Esto es Reiki” by Dunas.