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Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking in these times it is easy to accept … more difficult to implement.

Our mind "produces" more than 60,000 thoughts per day. That's over 40 thoughts per minute. However, of those 60,000 thoughts, 90% are identical t those you had yesterday and last week, leaving little room for new thoughts. It is understandable that life sometimes seems dull or tedious. Unless you start to think otherwise, you are destined to do the same and actually recreate yourself every day. Is it not time to change your thoughts and change your reality?

Considering all this we can deduce that the only way to make decisions that make us happy is recognizing that those thoughts, which we "accept" in present time, must come from a peaceful mind that has forgiven all those events that did not give us peace and happiness.

You may ask, and how I can recognize and change? Simply, every moment your mind think a negative thought about yourself, for example, “I cannot do that”, “I’m stupid” or other epithet not consistent with who you are in your true essence, then, in that moment, you recognize it and change it. Say to yourself: Yes (your name), yes you can do or achieve anything you set your mind for, you’re an intelligent (woman or man).

To me, that’s creative thinking in action …. Change immediately the thought that makes you unhappy, gives you no peace and at least go down that statistic of 90% and gradually reach 80% and so on.

Put it into practice and you will be amazed by the changes!.

M. Nekane De Leniz

May 7, 2012

Being a Leader



From all-time the word “Leader” has had different connotations: A person leading people into battle … perhaps … to better choices … through the fight, oppression, judging.

We should also take into consideration the premise that a parent has always been accepted as the leader of the family, often as a “vested right” rather than as something natural and of conscience.

According to Wikdictionary’s definition, “leader” is: “Any person or thing that leads or conducts. One who goes first. One having authority to direct.

One who leads a political party or group of elected party members; sometimes used in titles.

But in my opinion, a leader is not only that who is followed by the masses; a leader is he or she who is happy and feels peace in his life.

Today we must think and be aware of what it means to be a leader. Being a leader, FIRST OF ALL, means taking leadership of our own lives. Being a leader means to be that in all aspects of my life, that is, personal, family, work and as a citizen.

Here I want to take this opportunity to stress the following … a leader is one who is from the consciousness of knowing who he is. The next question is, how do I recognize myself as a leader? We should never respond with another question but here it has a meaning since it is you who only have the real answer. Do you feel at peace and happy with what you do and how you live? If the answer is no but you are aware that you are capable to make the changes and live in alignment with your spirit, with who you really are…then YOU ARE THE LEADER OF YOUR LIFE. However, if on the contrary, you think that what keeps you from being a leader in your work, your family, depends on external circumstances, i.e. … your bosses, your employees, your spouse, your children, your parents … politics, the government that is in power, etc. etc. Then, YOU’RE NOT A LEADER.

In my humble opinion and always based on my own experiences in life, leadership lies in taking the helm of my ship and always lead it to where my heart wants to sail. From the humility to recognize when I can change after setbacks in my life. From the happiness I feel when I am in PEACE with myself and my fellow human beings. From the service to others not forgetting myself but spreading the love I feel inside of me for what I am. Leadership has more to do with loving and respecting myself in order to be tolerant of others than simply managing a group imposing my wishes and opinions … either through manipulation, purchasing their needs or imposing my power over them. A good family leader is the one that by example and model “wakes up” in all his family members all the qualities that are endowed by our Creator.

Each one of us has been created with unique attributes, even though we are the same essence since we are created in the image and likeness of God.

The successful leader does not want to command, and manage mass … his only wish is to extend his peace and love to everyone so as to live equally and, naturally, he will be the leader accepted by others.

We all have big choices in life and all, without exception, have a mission, just that sometimes we live "blindfolded" and asleep. That is why we have created the Leadership Training “Be Happy”, because we believe that we all are born with leadership qualities but yet we have to wake up so they can be applied in our lives.

It really is not difficult but it does require your INTENTION. To recognize that you’re the only one who has the power to make the change and then the WILL to do so. I recognize the ego in its most ghostly form rebels and fill us with fears … “I cannot, I do not know, I feel weak, I am incapable, and so on, but with my will aligned with my spirit, there is nothing impossible. Therein lays the crux of all, knowing that when I form this wonderful and powerful partnership of leadership -Spirit and myself, there is no loss possible.


Nekane De Leniz

January 23, 2006

My Commitment

Like most, starting a new year and ending the previous one, we make commitments on those things that we left behind and those in which we want to strengthen our present.

I’m sure we all have a list in which we include things like: more time for me, eat healthier, walk, be more patient, be more tolerant, FORGIVE (myself and my peers); some might add, find time for fun, give more time to my kids, work less and enjoy more, etc. etc.

I would like to add one more that could be said contains many of the above: NO to violence. When I say "No to violence" what I mean is, do not allow violence to take over and enthroned in my life.

It is very easy in recent times to echo the ways in which violence is expressed: Intolerance, Fanaticism, Religiosity, Impatience, and STRESS in our daily lives, in our family life, work, and society. All this we see expressed not only by ourselves but through radio, press, TV and film, plus video games.

I understand that many of you reading these lines are wondering. How can I do a commitment to non-violence, if the “bombardment” I have in the day is always violent? Exactly, lt’s start with the use of language: “bombing”; already implies violence, and I understand that its expression also involves the manifestation of what we feel in ourselves "threatened" by the environment. But what would it be like if instead of using the word “bombing” we change by “flood”; of news; the “avalanche” of violent programs on TV; the “countless”; violent action movies in our cinemas?

With this I want to focus on several issues that are important to me. True, the first thought in our heads is: I cannot change the world. False: I can make a difference by changing individually and thus extend to my surroundings and by multiplication, extend to the world.

At first I want to emphasize something that for me is The Truth: We are One, so whatever I change in my life will be extended to my fellow men, to the world.

Continuing the commitment of NO to Violence, I will detail some important points to meet that commitment, or at least set the intention to be made possible. First, I agree to be tolerant to my immediate family, my closest environment including my neighbors, my office mates. Do not react violently by the mere fact of having differing views. Once this purpose is achieved then I will be able to expand to my fellow citizens, rulers and the entire planet.

Secondly, I pledge to keep informed of what is happening in the country and the world, but with NO JUDGMENT. By this I mean understanding what happens and PRAY for those who prefer to live in violence, sending light for them to recuperate their PEACE –because once they have it will come back to me, because WE ARE ONE.

Third, being for me a very important commitment, SUPPORT all movement within the radio, press, TV and film, which lead to coexist in peace, harmony, tolerance and love among humans. Of course, I will always be against the war for which there is no excuse or reason. But we also have to understand -NO PERSONAL WAR, as well as global or between countries.

To do this, I want to share with you a movement that exists in the world to support the Spiritual Cinema; Spiritual understood what elevates us (no religious connotation). Supporting the Spiritual Cinema, I propose that we support films that move us all that is good within us and instead of those that prevail in theaters, do not promote the shadow in us, but the light and how good we are, like our Creator.

For some time now there are films that, without so much propaganda, have touched the hearts of all those who every day are more, such as: “What dreams May come”. Today, in an introductory period to the world there is a movie called “INDIGO” directed by Stephen Simon (the same as “What Dreams May Come” and “Somewhere in Time”; being the protagonist Neale Donald Walsch (Conversations with God), along with writer James Twyman.

INDIGO is a film about redemption, grace and healing powers of a new generation of psychic and gifted "Indigo" children. This film narrates the story of a family that makes three fatal choices that end up in bankruptcy, prison, and the total dissolution of the family. Through the powers of psychic healing of the youngest member of the family, -Grace, a ten-year- old "Indigo" girl- finally the family has an opportunity.

INDIGO, the film, is about accepting responsibility for whatever we choose. It’s about the fine line that separates success from failure, and love from repentance. With this brief summary, I want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that we all can choose for love and happiness. These types of movies just remind us what we are. THE TRUTH OF WHAT WEARE IS INALTERABLE.

That is my commitment to me and to all those who want my support. I intend to live from love, non-violence and for that I hand my intentions to GOD.

Until next time my friend and remember: BE HAPPY AND SO MAKE GOD HAPPY TOO. For more information about the movie INDIGO, visit

Nekane De Leniz – Rebirther-Love Student (A Course In Miracles) /

February, 2008